"Miranda July’s Aura Portrait" via ANIMAL NEW YORK.

Yoko Okutsu, as captured by Carlo Van de Roer’s AuraCam600.

Bird Flu by Kyle Bean
and yet another impressive piece by London based Kyle Bean. A sculpture of a mushroom cloud made from feathers.  It was featured in an article in Scientific American. Photo by Sam Hofman


Light Bulb Type Sculpture

This construction was produced for Time Magazine’s feature ‘10 Ideas’ by Kyle Bean. Kyle is based in Brighton, UK and specialises in hand-crafted models which have featured in an impressive number of magazines and storefronts since he graduated in 2009.

I like the visual play of the ‘light switching on’ in your head.  

Photography: Victoria Ling


Kyle Bean


another little selection from browsing my HD: “my_kind_of_netbook.jpg” 

(otherwise known as “The Future of Books” by Kyle Bean)

Little Known Fact: I theorized in an essay 3 yrs ago that as physical books became less common, they would become considered a form of art.  (As it is now, you generally have to “do something" to a book to make it "into" art.)


Wake up

Grapefruit - Yoko Ono